Due to a shortage on the Jumbo chicken wings production, our Jumbo Wingas have experienced a price increase. 
Since we would now have to mix large and smaller items, we have decided to sell by the pound instead of items. 
You can verify the new prices on our menu page. 

We will keep posted with more updates to come!
Slinging Sauce Since 2005
Chicken wings plate 1
Chicken wings plate with sauce and carrots
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Delicious Wings in Junction City, KS

At Binga’s in Junction City, KS, we’re proud to be slinging our own custom sauces and serving up amazing wings and more for our customers every day. Whether you’re craving some delicious chicken wings, made hot and fresh in our kitchen and slathered with our amazing specialty sauces, or you’re just wanting to relax at the bar, we’re a great spot for you.


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Excellent Wings
& More

When you’re craving hot and juicy fried or baked wings, Binga’s is the place to be. Our restaurant has been cooking up excellent wings and plenty of other classic bar food, such as burgers, in-house barbecue, and more, since 2005. We’ve mastered every element of our menu and pair almost everything with our delicious, custom sauces. Whether you’re a master of spicy wings, popping in for just an appetizer, or prefer some mellow and tangy barbecue smoked low and slow with potato chips on the side, we have something for everybody. With our wide range of sauces and excellent variety in our menu, we’re positive you’ll find something you love.

A Great
Community Spot

Binga’s is proud to claim ourselves as an excellent community spot. Always showing a game with plenty of wings and beer to go around, we’re a welcoming place for you to relax after a hard day. In addition to being a nice, relaxing bar location, we’re also a friendly place to bring the whole family for a dinner or lunch on the weekends, letting you relax with a beer while knowing it’s a fine environment for the kids. No matter who you are or who you stop by with, our staff will always treat you well and get you the delicious food you want. 

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When you’re looking for excellent wings or more, come down to Binga’s. Our staff will take excellent care of you every time you stop by. Call us today for more information about the wide range of sauces, barbecue, and wings that we offer.

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